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5" & 6" K-Style Gutters

  • .032 gauged aluminum

  • Available in aluminum, steel, and copper

  • 70+ Color Options


2"x3", 3"x3", 3"x4"

  • 3"x 3" "super spout"

  • Also offer 2"x3" and 3" x 4"

  • Commercial Downspouts also available

  • Tip-ups are used standard on all installs.  Never run over your downspouts again!


Our belief when it comes to choosing the proper leaf protection system for your home is finding the correct fit, regardless of price.  Not everyone needs the most expensive product, and we are not going to sell you something that you do not need.  With over 12+ years of experience in the gutter business we have had experience with a variety of gutter covers.  The ones we have listed below are products that we have had great success with during our 8+ years in business.  They have withstood the test of time, with minimal call backs and VERY satisfied customers. 

EZ Lock Screen 

  • A great economical choice if your home is not surrounded by a lot of pine needles. Works great with leaf-type trees, will allow smaller debris to enter the gutter, but combined with our 3"x3" downspout, clogged gutters are prevented.

Premier Cover

  • A great choice if you are looking for a hood-style cover.  It is not a hood, or a screen, its the best of both!  A very low profile cover that is barely noticeable from the ground.  Won't be a distraction to the look of your home like other hood style covers.  Comes in a multitude of colors to match your gutters.  

EZ Micro Mesh

  • A great option that is is just as successful as the Premier Cover.  This installs under your drip edge and is tension mounted on the front of the gutter.  A low profile option that is barely noticeable from the ground.

Five Star Leaf Protection Guarantee

All leaf protection systems installed by Five Star Seamless, LLC come with a lifetime no-clog guarantee, as long as you own your home.  Matt will come out to your home if you have any issues with your leaf protection system.  Buy with confidence!

Ask Us About Our Other Great Products!

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